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Was not a MM, but not every purchase can. I had saved the offer and had been trying to decide if I wanted to look into it. Some offers I save in case there is a bonus that needs more than several redemptions to complete, and if I am in a generous mood I might feel the desire to cashout.

So that is exactly what happened. I enjoy pizza 🍕 but don't eat out much. I was in WF and thought to hit the frozen coolers. And since I had splurged during the BIG GAME EVENT on a RB Pie, and then the other recent cauliflower crust Pie FAO, why not try another.



Again not a MM, but I was sold by one vital piece of information. I make a habit of reading ingredients. It was one ingredient inherent to this pie that struck me by surprise. The crust contained "Good Mountain Water".

This was such a relief. Had it been found to contain any other type, I might have instantly looked the other way. But no, it was the "good" kind.

Available at the WF I was shopping was a Tomato Sauce & Three Cheese and a Cheese & Herb option. There were some meat options, but I generally go with a cheese.

Although the Tomato & Three Cheese was in a smaller box it was a thicker box. I figured it was a deep dish, but there was no mention of it. Come to find out it was a two pizza box for $13.99. This was about $2.00 more than the single, but slightly larger, Cheese & Herb. Plus it had more herbs and spices, more to my liking.



So I venture back to the cut and drop one in the oven. The above pic shows the first pie before being cooked/warmed up.

Being thin crust, only took about 7-8 minutes before it was ready. I added some extra Italian Seasoning, just because I don't believe you can have too much.



So out the oven, I finished both on separate days easily (2nd pie shown finished cooking above). Might have added some other spices, I like a little flavor.

These are probably the best frozen grocery store pizzas I have ever had. The cheese was authentic and the crust a delightful respite and return to a true dough based pie. Nothing against the alternative dough types.

Only thing better if it was maybe hand-tossed or had more crust. But then again, that might be too much. The sauce could have had a few more accents, but I can settle for it as it is.

I give these a very good as my opinion. Better yet, this statement sums it up best:



*Image from American Flatbread website



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Nice review. Glad you enjoyed them.

I bought this once. Don't remember which kind since it was quite some time ago. It was good initially, but when I reheated the leftover portion I found it to be rather greasy.

My nearest grocery store has these on sale periodically, but I have not yet given it a second try.



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If you are a Stop and Shop shopper - check your gluten free pesto flavor - my store has it discounted to $4.29 and $4.06 - varies by location.