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Account linking at Target is no longer available.

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Community Manager

Due to ongoing issues, account linking at Target will be permanently unavailable.

Your Target loyalty account will automatically be unlinked by 12/5/2022. To keep earning, please submit paper receipts moving forward.

If you’re missing cash back from any Target purchases that may have been impacted between 11/04/2022 - 11/29/2022, please try submitting your paper receipt if you still have it or contact Ibotta Care. If you contact Ibotta Care, be sure to send them a list of the offers or bonuses you were attempting to redeem and a complete picture of your digital or paper receipt.

To ensure that you receive that hard earned cash back, don’t forget to keep your paper receipt from your Target in-store shopping trips!

We apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks for using Ibotta!

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Re: Account linking at Target is no longer available.

Deal Sharer


I know this is an old issue, but is this a Target issue or is it an Ibotta issue?   

If it is Target, don't they realize that they're losing money?   If the cash back can be 

redeemed elsewhere, well, that's where I go and buy additional items instead of 

purchasing them at Target.   Will this ever get a fix?  


Thank you,

John D. 

Still lovin' the life in Maineville Ohio!!