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Do you live in South Florida?

Rewards Whiz

Hey Folks,

We had someone reach out from a news crew in South Florida and they're looking to interview some people that use Ibotta.

If you live in South Florida and are interested, send me a message! No guarantees on who will be selected but the odds are certainly good that you'll be part of it.

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Re: Do you live in South Florida?

Skilled Saver

Wow!  Cool opportunity.  I live in Central FL, so wouldn't qualify.  Buy hope some of the community members will take part.

Re: Do you live in South Florida?


Maybe related to the news story on HLN this morning about coupons and savings apps. They were talking to the KCL owner and showed Ibotta as a way to save. Also saw a story on the local news. 

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Re: Do you live in South Florida?

Skilled Saver

Went into the where are you from thread to try and find people and found a clue from Lara still there from the scavenger hunt. That was a fun recent memory but that thread has to much in it to manually sort through, sorry, I came up short.