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Ibotta Community Shopping Playlist

Rewards Whiz



Hey folks,

The other week you all shared your favorite songs to shop to and so we curated many of these into a playlist! Some of you may have seen this already but if not, I wanted to make sure it was shared here. Currently the playlist is through Spotify but we could certainly make one through YouTube or something more universal in the future if there's interest.

In the meantime though, here's the playlist based on your recommendations!

5 Replies

Re: Ibotta '21 Shopping Playlist

Deal Ambassador

@LaraL  That is awesome, thanks!

Re: Ibotta '21 Shopping Playlist

Deal Master

@LaraL   That's fun!  

Re: Ibotta '21 Shopping Playlist

Deal Ambassador

Lol, this is awesome @LaraL! I am loving it!

Re: Ibotta Community Shopping Playlist

Deal Ambassador

@LaraL Love it! It’s so cheerful and makes me happy - I’m afraid these songs may make me spend more money while shopping. 

Re: Ibotta Community Shopping Playlist

That’s awesome! I need apple tho. I’ll have to copy this and share 😉