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Ibotta's Big Game Event

Rewards Whiz




How it Works

Savers can take advantage of Ibotta’s six (6) Stock Up for the Big Game freebie offers from January 19th through February 13th. 

New Savers will have access to all six offers to add to Your list beginning January 19th. 

Existing savers will have access to the RED BARON® Pizza offer, but will need to refer a friend to gain access to the remaining six offers.

Keep reading for a few different ways to stock up on your big game snacks.

Shop in-store

  • Add in-app big game offers to Your list and complete your shopping trip.
  • Take pictures of your receipt in the Ibotta app and select any additional offers to make sure they are added to your submission.

Order Pickup or Delivery

  • Add in-app Big Game offers to Your list under the a Pickup & Delivery retailer and complete your online grocery purchase.
  • Earn cash back on qualifying purchases within 24 hours.


Whichever way you choose to shop, you'll get 100% cash back on everything you need for the big game!

Not seeing your big game offers? Follow our troubleshooting steps here.


Offer Availability

Offers available for the program will be marked in Ibotta with a pink Big Game banner. These offers include:

  • RED BARON® Pizza
  • Bubly Sparkling Water
  • Kraft Shredded Cheese
  • Litehouse Dip & Spread
  • Mission Tortilla Chips
  • Nestle Toll House Cookie Dough

Big Game FAQ 

Q: How do I get my free Big Game offers?

A: If you’re brand new to Ibotta, Welcome! Your big game offers should be available to add to your list starting on January 19th. 

However, if you’re an existing Ibotta Saver, to get your Big Game free bundle, just refer a friend to Ibotta by 2/12. You’ll unlock the offer when your friend registers! Once they’ve signed up, please allow up to 2 hours for the offer to appear in your account.

Q: I thought the items were free but I have to pay for them?

A: Ibotta gives you cash back on your everyday purchases. For the 6 offers in the Big Game campaign, you can get cash back equivalent to the MSRP - making the cost free to you after purchase. Add the items to your list in the app or browser extension then shop at your favorite store to get the cash back. 


Q: In my store the price is more than / less than the Saver reward so my item wasn’t free.

A: Cash back amounts are based on average MSRP. If your local retailer's price exceeds the value of an offer, you pay the rest of the balance. If the price is lower, you get to keep the difference!

Example 1: If one of the promo items costs $0.99 in-store, and Ibotta is offering $1.00 cash back for that item, you end up making an additional $0.01 on that purchase.

Example 2: If one of the promo items costs $1.00 in-store, and Ibotta is offering $0.98 cash back for that item, you end up only paying $0.02.


Q: When are the offers available?

A: The six offers will be available from 1/19 through 2/13.  


Q: Where are the offers available?

A: You can redeem the Big Game offers at all national retailers (except convenience stores and natural grocers) purchased in-store or online for pickup and delivery. 


Q: Do I have to buy all the items to qualify?

A: Nope – there are 6 individual offers in this campaign for you to choose from. Feel free to redeem one, many, or all of them. Remember, offer quantities are limited and only available while supplies last! 


Q: But your terms and conditions state ...‘Requires purchase of 6 participating products and Ibotta redemption to get cash back.’

A: That statement refers to what you need to do to get the entire Big Game bundle for free. If you only want a few of the items, that’s totally fine too! You’ll still get cash back on what you buy.


Q: Can I get more than 1 of each offer?

A: Sorry, each item is limited to one redemption per Saver.


Q: How do I check if items are eligible?

A: If you’re shopping in store you can scan the barcode of the item in the offer details to check that it matches. If you’re shopping online  from your computer using our browser extension, the browser extension will highlight products that qualify for cash back right on the page.


Q: My local store does not stock one of the offers.

A: All Ibotta offers are subject to availability. Please check for other offers in the Big Game event that might be in stock.


Q: I am quarantining / I don’t feel safe going to the store. How do I get the offers? 

A: We have multiple stores you can order pickup & delivery through. Click here to learn about shopping with grocery pickup & delivery.

Click here to see all the retailers available for online grocery shopping.

Q: The store substituted 1 or more of my items and I didn’t get cash back.

A: You must receive the qualifying product in order to get the cash back reward. Hint: next time, you can uncheck “Allow substitutions” to make sure you’re only getting eligible items with your order.


Q: I live in Hawaii / Alaska / Puerto Rico - can I still get this offer?

A: Yes however MSRPs tend to be a little higher in these states. Items may be substantially discounted but not fully free. Be sure to check the items before you buy.


Q: I clicked ‘add all to list’ but I don’t think all the offers unlocked

A: Close your app and open it—the offers should show on Your list. Be sure to update your app to the latest version for the best Saver experience!


Q: An offer in my app is showing as “No longer available”. Can I redeem it?

A: No, unfortunately due to high demand, that specific offer is no longer available. 


Q: I need to return an item. Will this affect my cash back? 

A: If you return an item, your cash back will be reversed. If there is something wrong with the item you buy, talk to the store about offering a substitution rather than a refund to prevent your cash back from being reversed.


Q: I signed up for Ibotta, earned my Big Game items, but when I went to cash out my earnings, I was told I am locked out! Help? 

A: As a security measure, we have increased the validation period for Ibotta accounts. Please try to withdraw your earnings again in a few days. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


Q: Can I resubmit a receipt if an offer was missed upon the first submission?

A: No. If you believe you didn’t receive credit for an offer, please reach out to the Care team for assistance.

87 Replies

Re: Ibotta's Big Game Event

Deal Sharer

Looking forward to redeeming offer. What was the last day this was valid until?

Re: Ibotta's Big Game Event

Rewards Whiz

@Elizamc 2/13/22 is the end of the event, at which point the offers will no longer be available.

Re: Ibotta's Big Game Event


I can't wait!

Re: Ibotta's Big Game Event

Rewards Hunter

I can't find this offer to click on. Where is it?

Re: Ibotta's Big Game Event

Rewards Whiz

The free pizza offer should be rolling out to everyone, could still be on its way to your device. For the other offers a referral is needed to unlock them.

Re: Ibotta's Big Game Event

Core Shopper

I like that multiple stores are participating!

Re: Ibotta's Big Game Event

Rewards Guide

This sounds like fun! Thank you for putting it together!

Re: Ibotta's Big Game Event

Rewards Hunter


Re: Ibotta's Big Game Event


This does sound fun!