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Join Ibotta on TikTok!

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Community Manager

Whether you haven’t joined this sensation yet or you’re a budding content creator yourself, there are plenty of reasons to think about joining TikTok! It’s widely known this newest social platform is booming in popularity. There are commercials for learning on TikTok, celebrities are participating in challenges, and content creators are sharing all kinds of lifestyle tips. What about you? What are your thoughts? Are you on the TikTok train? Is it not for you yet?

Everyone’s loving it! Check out our blog post to find out a couple reasons why you should join us on TikTok. 


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Re: Join Ibotta on TikTok!

Deal Master

Just do your own due diligence as to whether or not all of your data on your phone still somehow makes its way to China with a TikTok account.  I am in the camp that believe it does, so I will never use TikTok.   Up to you folks though.

“You can evict us from the community. But you will never HAVE the community. We take it with us.". BOILER UP!!"

Re: Join Ibotta on TikTok!

Deal Master

Sorry, this is as close to social media as I go.  No Facebook, no TikTok, no Instagram.

I spend too much time on Ibotta, Swagbucks and Shopkick to have time to socialize.

Re: Join Ibotta on TikTok!

Rewards Hunter

TikTok - JUST SAY NO to brain rot.