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Re: Teamwork/Teammates will be ending soon

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That's right they are history. That program ended on 01 October.


Seasons change, gray skies will turn blue.

Re: Teamwork/Teammates will be ending soon

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I played the fine the food word found a lot of them and I forwarded it and I never got any response or any credit for it I don't understand why you promised things and it doesn't happen


Re: Teamwork/Teammates will be ending soon


I was wondering where it went to compare earnings to others that referred me or I referred.  I kinda miss this aspect of it.  I know that lots of things weren't working as shown by the mere number of complaints but now I don't know what to ask about when before I'd see that someone saved at a store and then I would ask them and we'd talk about it.  I'm not likely to come in the community and wade through looking for the deals.  I'm gonna talk with people I know and am close to and then decide if I want to participate in the deal.  


I don't understand though when a deal goes until 8 am (aka 12 hrs left) but the store isn't open overnight.  


Re: Teamwork/Teammates will be ending soon

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Every offer has an expiration date.   Of course not all stores are open 24 hours.

So you should be cognizant of when an offer ends and plan accordingly based on when qualifying stores close in your locale.

IF you are looking for deals, just select the DEALS FORUM or DEAL STACKING folders and the threads with the most recent replies will be on top.  I am fairly certain you will find more deals this way than by hoping one of your teammates stumbled onto something.

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