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Trending Issue: Offers can't be added in the Ibotta app

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

On 10/19/2022, we identified an issue preventing offers from being added to Your list in the Ibotta app. This issue may also impact receipts that were recently submitted or are currently processing. If a recent purchase is impacted by this issue, please check back early next week for an update before contacting Care. Thank you for your patience while we work to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

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Re: Trending Issue: Offers can't be added in the Ibotta app

Rewards Hunter

Two offers have disappeared not only from my list, but from the entire app. I know they're not expired, because the Coca-Cola in store offer (0.30 off 20 oz) doesn't expire until December 6th. Yet I can't add it to my list, and I can't work toward the bonus for that products, and which I have to by four separate bottles of it. I'm buying it, but I'm not getting credit because the offer has disappeared. I'm having the same problem with the Irish Spring 18 Oz body wash, fifty cents off