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Any grocery issue

Rewards Hunter

I’m new and have a local grocery store that isn’t listed as a retailer. I would like to use receipts from there but under any grocery store there is just alcohol. No food. 

any ideas? 

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Re: Any grocery issue

Skilled Saver

Yeah, the "any grocery store' is usually beer/wine/liquor offers.  Every now and again, I'll see a regular offer.  I did one for any eggs and Rubbermaid containers a while back.  I wish there were more food offers, or even 'any brand' offers too, like milk, bread, fruit, etc.. since there's a local store I usually shop once a week for staples.  They have good wine prices, so that's usually what I redeem from there.

Re: Any grocery issue

Deal Master


Don't the any grocer still have to be a listed grocer? 

Or can it be any little place that sells groceries that is not listed in ibotta?

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