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Any Receipt Rebate

Rewards Hunter

I started Ibotta November 2021.  I was able to use the "Any Receipt Rebate" every day for a week or more; then, it just went away.  Am I only able to receive the "Any Receipt Rebate" a certain number of days per month?  If so, the last date I was able to use the "Any Receipt Rebate" was November 15, 2021.  Does that mean I will have to wait until December 15, 2021 before I can use the "Any Receipt Rebate" offer.  Thank you.

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Re: Any Receipt Rebate


Welcome to the community. The "Any" offers appear sporadically. Some occur more often. Recently, I've seen a decline in them starting before Thanksgiving. Possibly because of the holiday bonuses that have been offered. You can read more about the Any Receipt rebates changes in this post.

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