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Big game savings (bud light offer)

Rewards Hunter

I noticed that under the link for the big game day savings there is an offer for Budweiser, bud light. The offer is to save $1.50 on a 6 pack or higher purchase. However I am unable to redeem it, because it is not listed under any stores at all. I read the entire piece of fine print,  And I live in New Jersey so it is definitely available in my state. I actually bought a an 18 pack last night and wanted to submit my receipt, yet I can add the offer by clicking the check, but there is no store to redeem the offer at, and it is not listed in the “any liquor store” category either!! Help!!! 

Felicia E. Jolly
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Re: Big game savings (bud light offer)

Deal Master

@FJolly86   Try searching under "any store"  or "any liquor store" and see if it's there.   Well I just checked (and see you did too).  It most likely is not available near you.

and Welcome fellow Felicia!  


Re: Big game savings (bud light offer)

Rewards Hunter

I had the same issue. It will usually tell where the offer is valid. Not this offer.