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BTTR garden products

Rewards Advocate

Anybody else get some of those Back to the Roots boxed growing things? 

I bought the big and the mini mushroom boxes after trying the potting mix and liking it. Below is a picture of my crop. 



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Re: BTTR garden products

Core Shopper

I got the mini mushrooms and they grew quickly.  You could see the difference in a day!  I also did the terrarium that grew microgreens and that was fast as well, need to plant some more seeds.  I got the kitchen herb kit and planted that over the weekend with help from my niece.  At target I found the lavender kit and we planted that as well.  She also helped me start some BTTR flower seeds  We also saw mushroom kits in target that had mushrooms growing out of the closed box.  I still have the kids sunflower and watermelon kit and some seed packets. 

Pretty easy kits to do, they are a little pricey but finding so many was a surprise and helped complete bonuses over the last few weeks.

I also saw that BTTR was on target circle 10% off if anyone wants to try them. Valid on soil and grow kits.

Re: BTTR garden products

Core Shopper

Wow! Those mushrooms are impressive!