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Can't verify item

Rewards Hunter

I scanned item (bar code) and it was accepted but then I received an email stating:

Hi Jeannette,

We looked at your receipt and couldn't verify your recent purchase. This may be because the products you purchased on this receipt do not match our offer criteria. Please review the offer details, including variety and size, to make sure your product qualifies.

You can also use the Barcode Search feature to see if a product matches prior to sending your receipt.

Can you please credit me the $3.00.

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Re: Can't verify item

Ultimate Saver

Welcome to the Ibotta Community.  We are users like you, so we can't fix your problem.

You need to open a Request.  In the Ibotta app, go to Account, then select Help.  At the top of the page is Submit a Request.

Be sure to include a copy of your receipt and a picture of your purchase that you did not get credit for.  Also take a picture of the UPC.

Ibotta should be able to give you credit for your purchase, if the item does match the Ibotta offer.  Please note that it can take 2-3 days to get a response.

Good luck.

Re: Can't verify item

Deal Ambassador

@jnnettz I have had this happen before a couple of times. On each occasion I simply resubmitted my receipt and it went through fine on the second try. If resubmitting doesn't work in your case then absolutely follow the steps outlined by @mmoore01 for submitting a help ticket. 

Re: Can't verify item

Ibotta Employee
Ibotta Employee

Hi there! I'm sorry for the frustration you're experiencing. It sounds like the product numbers used by the retailer may not match what we currently have in our system. Not to worry though, this is definitely something that our Care Team can assist you with. Please create a ticket from within your app or by visiting Be sure that you include a picture of your product and the barcode. It'll take them a couple of days to get back to you, but they will be able to either provide credit for clarification. Thanks!