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Can't Withdraw

Rewards Hunter

Every time I try to withdraw it says something went wrong and it won't let me withdraw.  I have sent in several tickets and haven't heard anything back.  Please help

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Re: Can't Withdraw

Deal Master

First, stop opening up new tickets.  Each time you do, it puts you back a peg.

When you have more information, add it to the original ticket.  Don't open new tickets.

Second, because so many tickets have been opened, it does take time to get to your ticket.  Give them 3-5 days to respond.

If this is the first time you are trying to withdraw, your account may be locked.  This is for security reasons.  Once you hit the $20 minimum, wait a couple of days.

You didn't really say HOW you were trying to withdraw: to a gift card, PayPal or your bank?

There is another option.  On the Home screen, you can scroll down to Gift Cards (formerly Pay with Ibotta).  Instead of buying a gift card with your debit card, you can buy a gift card with your earnings.  Not only do you earn a percentage back, you earn a count towards bonuses.  Please note that the maximum per day is $250.

Hope this helps.