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Cant withdrawal

Rewards Hunter


I have worked hard on getting my receipts in and earned my bonus. I have $40 In my account. I’ve added PayPal and bank and when I get to the last step of review I click continue and it says something went wrong on both. My friend has cashed out why can’t I ? What can I do. ? 

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Re: Cant withdrawal

Skilled Saver

It sounds like you might be locked out of your account. There are several reasons this can happen but the main reason is because you might not have waited long enough after earning $20 to cash out. New members have to wait 48 hours after earning $20 before they can cash out. I would open a help ticket right away to find out why you can't withdraw your earnings and if you're locked out. The Care Team will be able to tell you what's going on and they can unlock your account if that's the issue. I hope you are able to withdraw your earnings soon.