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Delete Entire Account

Rewards Hunter

Please please please! Someone tell me how to delete my ibotta account. I have searched the entire web page and the app. I can't find anything about deleting/deactivating/suspending my account. I googled and followed the instructions and still got nothing. I have had 3 panic attacks already trying to accomplish this. I was told this service was free, but recently got an email about maintenance fees... which means this isn't free, and I'm no longer interested. I want to delete my account before another charge, but there seems to be no way to do it. I have enough stress going on with graduation coming up and a career change and some app I can't stop from stealing my money is the last thing I need. I have put in a ticket, but gotten no response yet. I thought when PayPal locked me from my funds was the last time I'd have to use the law against a phone app, but if I get charged again, after going through all this trouble trying to close my account, I will sue, might be a waste of money, but it's better than the panic attacks and anxiety I've had to deal with so far. Just someone, anyone at all, FIX THIS!

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