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Disappearing deals

Deal Sharer

I love ibotta. I finally got the giant 140 rebates bonus, BUT with that I have to say how frustrating it is that offers disappear into thin air when they had days left on it. I don’t understand the point of having a countdown timer if it’s not even close to being accurate. There were 3 Cabot offers that disappeared…it seems like it is happening more and more often. Sometimes I catch it and sometimes I’m just out of luck. 

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Re: Disappearing deals

Rewards Guide

I agreed with you. It was rebate in Publix for Butterball ground turkey  expiring on Tuesday very late evening, but it's gone today already 


Re: Disappearing deals

Rewards Whiz

I believe Ibotta offers are usually based on a total number of rebates.  The countdown timer could be an estimate, but if they sell even faster than expected, then the items are sometimes pulled before the expiration date and time.

If you have already selected the offer in the app and it seems to have disappeared, be sure to check your list.  For each store, you can pull up your List by clicking the teal circle in the bottom right corner with the three dots and three lines.  It also has a number representing how many offers are on your list.  Sometimes the offer may still be there.

I have noticed that sometimes when an offer is pulled early, it could come back a day or two later.  For example, maybe a lot of people buy the item during the weekend and they pull it early.  But if they can still offer a few more, it may return on Monday for a short period of time.

Re: Disappearing deals

Rewards Guide


I agree some offers are so short lived that some us never even got a chance to see it.  I think the offers disappear fast because just too many people redeem thus within hours we can lose days on the clock as it self adjust.  If I'm guessing correctly ibotta buckets users based on the formula so depending on which criteria you meet will determine if you have a slight hope of getting the offer.  With a few hours left it's when it's critical if they drop you or not for a hot item.  It makes kind of sense as this is Ibotta way to protect themselves to avoid paying to much over.  With ever growing user base it's just a matter of time if they can write a more efficient program that can process the information more closer to real-time but the disappearing rebate is the alternative method and easiest solution at least for now.  I doubt it will change.

All this is based on our everyday experience with the program if you analyze it enough to find the common factor/ pattern.  I'm sure the veterans would know better as I feel I'm still a newbie.  The more friends you have then you will eventually be able to confirm if you are correct if you did the analysis from day 1 perhaps and all data/info is shared  There is a set way the bonuses and offers rolled out.  It's your trial and error and mistakes along the way that makes you think you discover a rule.  But obviously they can always change the rules.   

At the end of day just enjoy the program.  The rules are just going to be irrelevant if you are not chasing bonuses or trying to profit because you just won't buy the item.