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Forgot to add deals to my linked Meijer account.


I forgot to add 2 deals to my linked Meijer account, how do I submit them?

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Re: Forgot to add deals to my linked Meijer account.

Deal Master


The easiest thing to do would probably be to return the items.  Then repurchase with items  loaded

Or you could unlink.  Make sure the items are added to your list.   Then resubmit the receipt.

I am not sure I would open up a ticket when you added the offers after the purchase.  That is making work for them for something that is all your fault.  You could try doing that though.   I personally just wouldn't

Do you mind me asking why you linked?   Meijer only requires you to submit the receipt.   I have not had to scan any items or anything.  Perhaps you just stay unlinked unless there is some compelling reason to link.

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