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Having a receipt issue

Rewards Hunter

I made a purchase at rite aid and my receipt got stuck in the printer and cut off the total paid part and now it won't except my receipt and I tried the help desk 6 times I even got the rite aid customer service to email me my receipt so I could give them it I sent pictures of all products and bar codes and the ibotta help desk just keeps sending my my receipt doest meet qualifications so is there nothing I can do to get my rebates I hate to miss out because a printer 

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Re: Having a receipt issue


Sorry to hear you’re having issues. I have not had this happen personally - but I’ve seen others void an order and have it totaled again to get a proper receipt. Not sure how far the store is or if this in convenient for you - but it may be an option if/when it happens again. 

Re: Having a receipt issue

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I would give you the same advice as @SaverGirl67 . Ibotta has stringent guidelines concerning receipts.  

I have made it a habit to ask the cashier about the quality of their receipts. 

If I can't read it then most likely Ibotta will not accept it. 


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Re: Having a receipt issue

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Only choice is to return and repurchase.  Hopefully you did not use any coupons.

Ibotta will not accept without the total, store name, date/time, etc.   And they don't accept digital receipts or reprints.

I have had this happen once or twice, and it is frustrating.

The one exception to this is WM.   Since you only scan the receipt bar code, you can submit a reprint.


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