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Yesterday I busted my tail to grab 15 offers on my lunch break to get the $5 mid week moneymaker as well as the $5 pumpkin bonus (both being a $5/15 bonus. When I scanned my Walmart receipt it said 15 offers matched…perfect!…So I submitted. After getting the email of credit I was only credited with 14 offers. (I got an email I was credited with 11 offers and then another email was credited with 3 offers which was weird to get two emails since I did one shopping trip, but that’s beside the point) I do some investigating and notice that I was not credited $.25 for buying any Snickers Peanut Brownie. I go into the app and it’s showing that the offer wasn’t selected (weird again because I’m pretty sure I selected it and I saw 15 offers matched when I scanned my receipt) I sent in a support ticket (10418697) and was told that offers change and the ticket was closed. I reopened it and sent a screen shot of the offer which was still in the app, still available from Walmart. They replied that they credited me but since it was a force credit it doesn’t count for bonuses. What?! Had I know this, I would’ve bought a giftcard yesterday to complete the midweek money maker and the pumpkin bonus. Is there anything that can be done to help on the community end? I’m so frustrated. @LaraL 

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Before submitting a scanned receipt, be very careful to review everything, at least twice.

On the first screen (using the iOS version) it’ll show a number that is erroneously higher if there are additional items; for example- 2 Love Corn count as 2 items under 1 offer but initially the app will double count them (just the offer count, not the cash back amount). After the submission is verified on Ibotta’s final internal step, the true offer count is shown.

Additionally, before submitting, I always check to verify more offers. I’ve noticed the app sometimes misses purchased items; at Walmart where it should catch everything, it has missed Knoppers every time I buy them. As for the Snickers Peanut Brownie- I buy them at Kroger but there too, the app misses them initially.

As for receiving 2 emails- that is odd. I’ve never had that happen.

Lastly, it appears you were 1 offer short in order to claim your 2 bonuses. The Care Team agent that confirmed you purchased the Snickers, obviously missed the point. I’d reply again and spell it out for them.

Good luck!

Re: Help!!

Rewards Whiz

@Teamshaw our Care team doesn't currently have the ability to credit bonus progress, so let them know that it was part of a bonus and I imagine they will credit for that.