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How do you personally stay organized?

Rewards Hunter

Can you describe your method(s) that help you stay organized so that you don't miss out on any great Ibotta deals? Thank you for helping along a newbie.


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Re: How do you personally stay organized?

Skilled Saver

I use a notebook and write everything down.  I make lists for different stores and write down the ibotta rebate and coupons if I have them.  I paper clip the paper coupons to the page so I won't lose them.  

Welcome to the community.  

Re: How do you personally stay organized?

Rewards Advocate

I use my phone's calendar to keep a list. Then I have a more detailed hand-written list, noting price, location, coupons, how many of an item I want to buy, and the rebate(s). When planning to shop, I check if any offers are expiring soon. For coupons, I have two envelopes: one for CVS, the other for all other stores.

Then while out, I check for new community posts since offers can appear at any time. I've also learned to bring my coupon wallet with me rather than just those I intend to use. That has enabled me to score some unexpected deals, particularly when it comes to clearance or unadvertised sales.

You may miss a deal. Don't harp on that. Many rebates return periodically. 

Re: How do you personally stay organized?

Deal Expert

If you haven't already grasped it, rummage through your Ibotta app at least once a day, but the more frequently the better, unless you have no plans on any one particular day to leave home, if you intend to leave home rummage through your Ibotta app, go to the page (s) of 1+ go-to retailers for a an opportunity to complete multiple cheap and easy offers 

This is my favorite axiom for newbies and anyone who has been around but still hasn't really gotten it - you miss out on every deal you don't evaluate, and you can't evaluate what you don't look at




Re: How do you personally stay organized?

Deal Sharer

I use Google sheets. I have a tab for every store, noting product cost before and after coupons. And other columns with expected rebates from each source, including ibotta. I try to add to the sheet whenever I see a deal online. And I'll double check ibotta the night/ morning before I go shopping to see if there are any new offers or any brand offers I might have missed.

When I can, I print out a sheet for each store and wrap any coupons inside so I don't forget to use them. Or I'll reference the Google sheet on my phone while I'm out. It's awesome to know how much I'm expecting to pay OOP.