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How to get refund?!?!

Rewards Hunter

How do I get my refund for using!  I’m relatively new to Ibotta but I’ve apparently been using it correctly through other stores like Target, Petsmart & Priceline and got my refunds very quickly.  But I have yet to receive my refund for, please help!! 

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Re: How to get refund?!?!

Super Saver

@H2OBun  I just looked, and the fine print on the offer indicates 120 days, so if it hasn’t been that long, then there likely isn’t any action to take.  Did you follow the “Shop” button via the Ibotta app prior to shopping, or did you use the Ibotta web extension on your desktop computer?  Either way, I imagine you would have a pending notification in your Activity Log (the bell icon in the top-right corner of your in-app Home Screen) or on your Account Tab (lower right tab, would be listed just below the “Withdraw Earnings” button).