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Missing credit

Rewards Hunter

I bought some Thanksgiving items from Walmart and when I submit my reciept it says its already been submitted but I don't get any credit on my account. How do I find out who is getting my credit. I tried unblinking my walmart account to my ibotta account but I can't I already reached out a couple of times to ibotta but they haven't got back to me. It's been like this for 2weeks.

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Re: Missing credit

Skilled Saver

It sounds like your Walmart account is linked to Ibotta. If it is, you don't submit your receipt as Walmart will send the purchasing info to Ibotta and Ibotta will credit your account for the offers you preselected and then bought. You must preselect the offers before you buy. If you are missing credit, you need to submit a help ticket. Include a photo of the receipt, items purchased and their barcodes. It can take 2-3 business days before you hear back from them but they will credit your account anything that is owed to you.