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Missing rebates and credits

Rewards Hunter

How do I create a help ticket with Ibotta? I have three items I purchased that are not showing up as rebates or credits. Thanks for any help. 

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Re: Missing rebates and credits

Deal Master


Create a Help Desk ticket with the ibotta Care Team by visiting or by emailing

It may take 3 or 4 business days for them to get back to you.


(check your activity (the bell in the upper right of the home screen to make sure your transaction is not pending)

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Re: Missing rebates and credits

Rewards Hunter

Thanks for the info. I had 10 items in my “list” that I purchased and after my receipt was uploaded it only accepted 7 of the items making the transaction complete. 

Re: Missing rebates and credits


Also when you go and take a picture of your receipt your offers will show up and if they're not all there towards the top of the screen above the offers that it does show there's a spot where it says to add more offers you click on that and it will bring up all your offers in your account and you click on it and sometimes I'll automatically load to your receipt offers other times it will ask you how many you purchased then ask you to scan your barcode on the product