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Missing Walmart rebates from over a week ago

Rewards Hunter

I am missing my rebates from November 3rd and still haven’t received credit for them but the items purchased this week already credited. I submitted copies of my purchase and no one has followed up with me 


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Re: Missing Walmart rebates from over a week ago

Rewards Guide

I hear you! I tried uploading 2 receipts on November 7 and it wouldn't take. I submitted a help request only to find out it was closed and marked solved even though nobody communicated with me at all! 

Re: Missing Walmart rebates from over a week ago

Rewards Hunter

YES! I haven’t gotten credited for my last three Walmart purchases. One was from October 21 and the app had said it was having issues with linked accounts and I would see the money within a week. Nothing. I got credited for the purchase after that, but not the two since then. I have a linked account I’ve used for years, I know how to add offers just fine in the app, and have gotten absolutely frustrating automated responses from customer service asking me for things that don’t exist at this point. I cannot find any other way to contact them and I am so frustrated and missing out on money!