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Moving to Minnesota

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My family is moving soon to south Minnesota about 90 minutes south of Minneapolis. Anyone who lives in that area with advice of what stores to shop in that have Ibotta deals? We are going to move to a small town called Blooming Prairie and I think there is a small grocery store there but not much else. I am looking for a larger grocery store in the area that I can find the items on Ibotta as well as dairy free items since my children are allergic to dairy. I currently live in a small rural town in Pennsylvania and find it difficult to find a lot items on Ibotta and even more difficult finding dairy free options. Any advice is appreciated and thank you in advance.

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Re: Moving to Minnesota

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I don’t live in MN but was curious where Blooming Prairie was, so looked it up on Google map. Hmm, that is a challenge to find in-store options nearby.
I’m replying, so your post can move up and get others to view/comment.
I also think your best option would be using deliveries, like Instacart? I personally never used it before but it’s one of online retailers on ibotta. 
Wishing you all the best with your move and hopefully Target will open a store closer to you soon. After all, MN is their HQ. Please stay with this community and keep us posted!