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My account got deactivated

Rewards Hunter

Hi my account got deactivated 2 months ago I tried communicating with the support team to understand the reason they were giving me a reason of fake referrals there was no fake referrals only thing I remember doing when they had the back to school deals I unlocked it from my chrome book and I helped my friend doing it from my chrome book I didn’t know that would be a reason to deactivate the account is there a way to communicate with them and activate my account or make a new one.

thank you in advance 

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Re: My account got deactivated

Rewards Whiz

Hi @SabhaHammad,

Unfortunately I don't see why your account was deactivated. The ticket you submitted is the best way to communicate with the team that made the decision. This community is for savers like yourself, so it's unlikely they'll be able to share anything more than what you've been told by the team that made the determination.