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Never got my rewards

Rewards Hunter

I shopped at Walmart an clicked on a lot of items I have in my coupons before shopping and even went to the link an clicked on as shopping an after I shopped been 48 hrs an doesn’t show anything pending or even received the amount I shopped for said Ibotta was down for troubleshooting so does this mean I won’t recieve my rewards 

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Re: Never got my rewards

Deal Master

Sorry you are having issues with Ibotta and Walmart.

From your post, I could not tell if you made your purchase in-store or online.

You also did not mention if your Ibotta account was linked to Walmart or not.

If you did a Walmart in-store purchase AND you are not linked, you must submit your receipt in the Ibotta app.  If you did submit your receipt and still did not get any information on it, you can try submitting your receipt again.  If the app says you already submitted this receipt, you will need to submit a request (see below). 

If you did an Online Pickup & Delivery order, your Ibotta account must be linked to your Walmart account.  You won't get credit until you picked up the order or it was delivered.

If you selected Walmart Online in the Ibotta app AND selected the SHOP button, you will only get credit for a percentage on listed categories.

If you feel you did everything right, you can submit a request to Ibotta Care.  In the Ibotta app, go to Account at the bottom of the Home screen, then Help.  At the top is Submit a Request.

Please note that it can take 2-3 days to get a response from Ibotta Care.  Be sure to include your receipt or email from Walmart along with pictures of items and UPCs for offers missed.