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New and need help

Rewards Hunter


I’m new to Ibotta.  I’m not sure how to get started.  I’ve downloaded the app, linked my Weis card and went shopping today. I purchased a few things but not sure what to do next.. 

Please help ! 
 Thank you !

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Re: New and need help

Deal Master


First and foremost, welcome to both ibotta and the community.

Check out the LEARN IBOTTA drop-down menu at the top of the screen and look thru the threads therein.

You need to go into your home screen, search for Weis in the search bar on top, and select the store.   Then see what ibotta offers there are for the store.   It is a very small percentage of total products carried that will be available offers.     You have to select the offers before you go shopping. 

Offers are only available at select stores.   So you may find an offer for Love Corn at Walmart, but it my not be available at Target.

If your account is linked, any offers you have selected that you purchased will be redeemed generally within 24 tp 48 hours.   You do not, and in fact, cannot scan your receipt.   That is the point of linking.

If you are unlinked, it tends to be much faster, but I am unfamiliar with Weis.  Most of my stores (Meijer, Kroger, Target, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, etc), redeem almost immediately after scanning my receipt for unlinked accounts.

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Re: New and need help

Skilled Saver

Welcome to the community. I shop at Weis all the time. Since Weis is a loyalty card only, all you need to do is select the offers you want to purchase under the Weis store offer page and then go to Weis and purchase them. Since the card is linked to Ibotta, the offers you purchased will be credited to your account. However, it can take up to 48 hours before you will see the earnings credited. Weis does take a little longer than the other stores I shop in. Most of the time, the redeemed offers will be credited to my account the next day. If any offers were missed, you need to open a ticket to the Care Team. Include a photo of your receipt, the missing items and their barcodes when submitting the ticket. It can take up to 48 hours to hear back from the Care Team but I usually hear back sooner. Again, welcome to the community.