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No more “Buy It Again” category??


So they got rid of buy it again category on the deals? I don’t recall seeing them say anything about eliminating this category.

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Re: No more “Buy It Again” category??

Deal Ambassador

@Wood2589  I thought there were a recent post regarding this issue but the only one I could find was by @Be-Bop-A-Lula from a year ago saying it came back (so this has disappeared more than once). 
I personally don’t rely on the Buy It Again section and go with the Alerts when I get notified that previously used offers are back in my gallery. However, I also noticed that’s not 100% accurate either - sometimes I see them back in my gallery without any Alerts.

I wonder if these issues are due to the beta testing IB’s conducting. There’s another thread about the Free for you section no longer visible for some of us. Hopefully, all of these issues will be fixed soon!


Re: No more “Buy It Again” category??

Deal Master

@Xiao @Wood2589 

I am extremely  optimistic it will come back like the last time. Hopefully within a week.

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