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Offer expired

Rewards Hunter

Hey guys, I was finally able to find the Core Bar at Target and few hours ago the offer was still there, I even scaned the barcode to double check, but when I got home it already expired eventhough it was not supposed to expire today… Is there an email where I can send my receipt and get the deal?

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Re: Offer expired

Deal Master

@elena993  If you added it to your list, sometimes after it disappears, it is still in your shopping list (bottom right corner) - so check there first - if it is there, just scan your receipt, and it should come up as an offer if it still available. If not, you'll have to open a ticket.

Re: Offer expired

Ultimate Saver

To open a ticket, go to Account in the App and then select Help.

Please note it can take a couple of days for a response, but simple issues like getting credit seem to get completed quicker.