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Offers Disappeared!!

Rewards Hunter

I was shopping in Walmart, looking at two offers in the app. They were loaded into my account. When I get home to redeem my receipt, the offers were totally gone! What happened?! They were labeled as Free After Offer, but there wasn't any stopwatch with an expiration time or date. I'm frustrated because the only reason I bought these products was because of the offers. They were for Johnsonville brats and Cinnamon toast crunch. 

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Re: Offers Disappeared!!


I usually take the time to scan receipts in the car before I leave the store. Less time for offers to expire or disappear.  


Re: Offers Disappeared!!

Deal Master

If an offer is Free After Offer (FAO), the chances are, it will go quick.

First, I make sure these offers are still there while I am in the store.  I then scan my receipt right after I check out WHILE STILL IN THE STORE!

Sometimes, the offer will disappear from your store offers, but it might still exist in Your List (the three dots next to three bars with a number above it).  If you find the offer in Your List, be sure to select it to see if it is really still there.  If it is still in Your List, you will be able to scan your receipt and it will be found.  But hurry.  Don't wait until you get home because it might be gone.

This happened to me on the Lightlife Breakfast Patties.  It was gone from the Walmart offers, but I had selected it earlier in the day and it was still in Your List.