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Paperless receipts cannot be submitted

Rewards Hunter

I shop at at least 3 retailers, Walgreens, Duane Reade & CVS off the top of my head that are doing there part to help reduce waste and email receipts instead of the wasteful practice of printing a receipt. I appreciate this as I am trying to live a more eco friendly life, but it has severely hindered my ibotta use. I haven’t tried it yet but not even sure it’s be accepted by the app, to take a photo of my computer screen. I do not see an option to upload a screenshot from my phone either. In my opinion, ibotta technology has not snd is not keeping up with the trend that is moving away from physical printed receipts. Which ultimately speaks to trouble for the ibotta business model. Are there plans on how to make this work as I am losing opportunities multiple times a week. As a NYC resident a good portion of my shopping for many of the “grocery store” items is done at retailers who no longer print physical receipts and my usage of the app has been relegated to just food delivery as for some reason other companies my friend who referred me to the app has access to is not an option to me. I realize that’s another issue but what sort of business plan makes things available to some users but not all? Ibotta has been a great reco from that friend as I have almost $400 earned of which your company is earning all interest on at the moment. 
min conclusion:

1. What are the companies plans for redemption of receipts that are emailed ibotta users?

2. when will all merchants, like Uber be available to all users?

thank you and please respond to with any queries. 

thank you from a loyal and mostly satisfied user. 



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Re: Paperless receipts cannot be submitted

Ultimate Saver

@Bccdny  has some great questions.  I know we all have had issues with paper receipts, from torn receipts to faded receipts, missing data on a receipt or no receipt at all.

@LaraL , do you know if Ibotta is working on a paperless way to submit receipts, other than linking?



Re: Paperless receipts cannot be submitted

Rewards Whiz

Account linking (once fixed) will be the method around paper receipts for some retailers. Not sure about anything beyond that though.


Re: Paperless receipts cannot be submitted

Deal Master


It is not clear to me whether you are refusing printed receipts already.

If not, you can change your Walgreens setting to print a physical receipt at the store.

ACCOUNT..........EMAILS and ALERTS........YOUR EMAIL SUBSCRIPTIOMS..  ,<uncheck digital receipts>

The only thing you can use for ibotta receipt is the original cash register receipt.  You can't use a reprint, you can't use a digital receipt, or an emailed one.  You can't take a picture of any of those on the computer.


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Re: Paperless receipts cannot be submitted

Super Saver

Had to do the exact same thing for a retailer a while back, switch my account settings to print a physical receipt at checkout. Annoying for an Eco-friendly minded individual, but a cost of doing business.


One of the main reasons I manually key a large % of my WM receipts. I can still use WMPay, but get the added benefit of literal mental exercise to switch between apps to input the code for ibotta credit. Eco-friendly and keeps my mind fresh, 2 for 1 benefit.