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Problem with receipts showing submitted when not

Rewards Hunter


I'm new to the community forum here. I have a question.  Want to see if anyone is having a similar problem. 

So I scan a receipt because I'm not sure if there's an offer or not.  There isn't one after I scan, so I back out and exit WITHOUT redeeming this receipt. 

Since I might have another offer show up with in the 7 days, I keep my receipt for redemption later. 

I scan again because another offer showed up with in the 7 days. 

Ibotta rejected it because it says "This receipt has already been submitted".

This is incredibly frustrating and has been happening for a while. I did not submit it and I take issue with Ibotta saving "Non-submitted" receipts in their system! 

I'm also missing out on an opportunity to legitimately earn rewards on this. 

I would appreciate anyone's feedback on this. Thank you!