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Question About WIthdraw

Rewards Hunter

Question. So I got Ibotta 3 days ago off of my friend Mark that Referred me, I did the $5 any receipt and the Free Items to Pull my total Current Balance to $20.17, (24 hours after getting the app) I tried to withdraw my earnings to Paypal but It came up with an error message in front of a picture of a broken piggy bank saying I couldn't withdraw, so I did some research and I heard that I need to wait for 48 hrs before withdrawing (50hrs since getting Ibotta and earning $20) I then go to withdraw again but the same error appears, so I then go to research again than read "if I try to withdraw before the first 48 hours I could get Locked out from withdrawing, so that's what I assume happened so what I want to know is:  Do I have to wait 48 more hours without attempting to withdraw, or do I have to create a support ticket and have to get my account manually unlocked by support

Bonus question if you may know: What is the average response time to get an email back from Ibotta support?

Thanks, Aaron Donald 🙂

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Re: Question About WIthdraw

Deal Ambassador


What you already read is correct. When you attempted to cash out so quickly, the automated system locked your account. This is a fraud prevention tool. Ibotta has millions of users and it only makes sense to have safety measures in place for new savers.

Now that your account is locked, additional attempts to cash out will have the same result. You must submit a ticket.

The Care Team usually responds to regular issues in 12-24 hrs but locked accounts must be manually reviewed. This is done by a smaller team and you’ll need to wait up to 5 business days for a response.

I’ve used Ibotta for 18+ months and never had my account locked. Please be patient; do not open additional tickets. Good luck!

Re: Question About WIthdraw

Deal Master

To open a request, go to Account in the app and then select Help.  You can submit a request from the top of the screen.