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Rewards Hunter

Still no reimbursement from a referral. I even helped her shop for the free thanksgiving on your listed items. Please investigate

referral name is Cindy Niemiec 

thank you 

Peggy hoglund 

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Re: Reimbursement

Skilled Saver

I am sorry you are having issues with referrals. You need to submit a help ticket to the Care Team and they will investigate the situation. They can credit your account for the referral which is the $15 turkey voucher right now. If you didn't get the voucher, then you need to contact the Care Team so they can unlock it for you. Keep in mind though it can take up to two hours before it will show up in your account and it might take up to 48 hours before the Care Team gets back to you as they have many other tickets to address. I hope you get your voucher soon.