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Sending Attachments

Rewards Hunter

How are we suppose to show proof when we can only send 5 attachments, submitting  a request for missing credit on an Walmart Delivery through Ibotta?

Why do they even need the receipt when I already took pictures of it when I tried to get my cash back? Then when trying to send my Ibotta Grocery List, that was 6 pictures so one didn't  get sent. There has to be an easier way to send all the proofs I have to get my cash back. Because I've tried getting cash back on several items, only get $0. back. Walmart & Ibotta are connected also because I get the 5% of my receipt. I even scanned the items at home and they were acceptable. What is the problem? When I ask referred to the rules and guidelines.  Which I know after years of using Ibotta.  Please some tell me what Is an easy way to send proof and why this might be happening. I'm new here so if I did this wrong I'm sorry but Thank you for your time and help. 


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Re: Sending Attachments


You can add files when viewing your ticket in the Help Center.


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Re: Sending Attachments

Deal Expert



Welcome to the community

Before I send a request for review, I set up my needed forms of proof (image of receipt, images of products and product codes, etc...) digitally.

Then as soon as I receive an automated email relative to my request, I reply to it with my proof.

IB is generally responsive in my experience.