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Shopped Target and Need Assistance

Rewards Hunter

This is my first time shopping with Target for specific ibotta products. I linked my Walmart+, Winn-Dixie, and Target accounts when I signed up. I'm growing more and more frustrated with this app the more I start to branch out.

I'm used to shopping a certain way. There's never been any reason for me to have to reach the directions like it's my first time because.. Why would I? Yes, I put the products in my wallet so I could have them in the map but I didn't put them all in there! Then, when I was adding my items, I normally check them off on ibotta as I go, but I had gotten confused over something and just wanted to start over so I removed everything from the ibotta app to try to check them again. When I finished, I went to press submit receipt and it's not there. 

After swallowing my rage, because I've never had such difficulties with an app in my life like I do with them, only some of the offers go through (not paid, but were counted) and now I can't resubmit jack squat. I had no clue you had to put the offers in your target app and it would be the target app that would essentially be submitting on your behalf.

This is beyond ridiculous, to me anyways. I should have the option of submitting the offers myself. I should be doing it anyways and not be leaving it up to AI. In addition, I had enough offers for the $3 bonus, but it didn't take them all so it now believes I'm short, which I'm not. That bonus is almost finished and I'm told it takes THREE days for the offers to go through.

Again, something that should be known before going into it. Each time I reach out for a bonus I didn't get, that I should have, or crap like this takes place, the people have no clue what's going on, which in turn only makes me experience with them a highly negative one. They don't know what offers are there. They can't verify the cash back. I have to go through them all and screenshot every single offer, with the price and how much the cash back offer is, then submit the receipt-- again! 

Yes, they come back and eventually help me after I've literally done all of the work, twice, and they only give me credits for the offers. I'm always jipped out of the bonuses. Ugh. What a nightmare. 

So now I guess I sit and wait 3 days and lose out on my bonuses. I'm sure it'll come back wrong or incomplete and I'll be forced to do it all over again. Taking the pictures, adding front and back of every product, upload my receipt, download an app that converts to PDF, and let them know the offers--

I want to submit my own receipt. I'm the one that planned it, scanned it, counted it, coupon'd it, bought it.. I should be the one who makes sure I'm getting what I'm supposed to. 

A complete nightmare. 

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Re: Shopped Target and Need Assistance

Rewards Guide

Yeah, that’s why I have my target unlinked. If for some reason I need to do an online order, I’ll link it again just for that, but for the majority of my shopping there I have it unlinked so I can manually submit 


Re: Shopped Target and Need Assistance

Deal Master

Sorry you are having so much trouble with Ibotta.

If you link your Ibotta account with a retailer, you do not need to submit a receipt.  However, from my experience, it doesn't always work.  I recommend disconnecting the links and submitting your receipts yourself.

However, when something is missed, you can open a request and Ibotta Care will give you credit.  However, they do not yet have the ability to add counts towards bonuses.  Therefore, if you can show that you would have reached the Bonus counts, they will credit you for the bonus.  Again, be sure to include this in your request to Ibotta Care.

Please note that it can 2-3 days to get a response back from Ibotta Care.

Re: Shopped Target and Need Assistance

Deal Master

I just re-read your post.  Sometimes I don't get everything the first time.

First, why are you converting anything to PDF?  I send them pictures and screenshots.  If you are sending them an email, that can be in PDF format, but they prefer screenshots of your email.

Second, if you would have made the bonus, they will give you the bonus as long as you can show you had enough of the items to qualify.  It doesn't matter if the offers have expired or the bonus is now gone.  I do recommend taking screenshots of each offer and the bonus.

For what it's worth, I have had to submit MANY requests to Ibotta Care, but they have always credited my account for the amount.  Just be sure to include as much documentation as you can.

I hope they come through for you soon.


Re: Shopped Target and Need Assistance

Skilled Saver


Sorry you are having trouble.  I opted not to have my accts linked so I can be the one to upload receipts and make sure all the offers are selected before I hit submit.  If you prefer to upload your receipts, then you just need to disconnect the links from your Ibotta settings. 

I'm not sure what you mean by putting the offers in your Target app?  On Ibotta, once you're linked your Target acct to Ibotta and the offers are selected in the Target Pickup/Delivery tab, those offers will credit to your acct automatically after they've been picked up or delivered, usually within 24 hrs (though sometimes it can be shorter or longer).  At the store, when you check out you just have to scan your Target Circle barcode, and again, all Ibotta offers that have been clipped in the 'in store' tab, will credit.  Sometimes the offers are different from the 'in store' tab & 'p/u and delivery' tab, so make sure you're looking at the right section while you're planning your shopping trips.

Don't get discouraged.  Ibotta is a really great app!


Re: Shopped Target and Need Assistance

Core Shopper


I personally don't link my accounts because I get better control in the submit process.  If anything goes wrong I can submit a ticket with picture of receipt and front and upc codes of the products.  I even attach screenshot of the approve items before I hit the submit button.  They credit you within a day or so after the ticket.  

At least I have a screenshot of all the offers in the manual process  I never did the linking and always imagine what can go wrong like, I need to select the offer before I purchase, an offer appears after I made the purchase, the offer expires before they process the receipt and it didn't get pick up.  And if I don't get the offer I don't have screenshot of the offers if they expire since things expire fast they can argue when you submit the offer already expire vs manual it's on the list of approved items and in the $ you expect to get from the receipt.

So as other suggest you should just unlink and submit the old fashion way immediately after your purchase.  Normally payment is instant.  Less then hour or even seconds after submitting the receipt.