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Smirnoff Seltzer 12 pack

Rewards Hunter

I finally found Smirnoff Zero Sugar Seltzer 12 pack, and it was even on sale at Target.  After carefully reading the offer, and feeling very confident that the item that I purchased qualified, the barcode is being rejected. Is anyone having an issue with this offer?

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Re: Smirnoff Seltzer 12 pack

Deal Master


You should ALWAYS scan at the store in 'store mode' to verify MATCH.

If you scan the UPC twice, it should come up with a prompt that asks if you feel like your item should qualify.  Follow that through, supplying whatever pics they require.  Your offer indicates 'any variety', so hopefully they will add that upc and item to the qualified list and notify you.   Then you can submit it for redemption.

There is nothing in the offer terms that mentions it excludes Zero Sugar, correct?

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