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target linking

Rewards Hunter

i linked my account recently and wondering how long will it take to match my deals, i had a recent purchase a few days ago that would make me $10, however, sicnce a few deals expire soon i dont want to loose time. BUT if i unlink i cannot submit the receipt because i dont have one- it's only showing up in my target app... 

any ideas? help... 

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Re: target linking

Rewards Whiz

Is this the transaction from the 26th? I see 2 items that went through on it, was it supposed to be more than just those?


Re: target linking

Deal Ambassador

@olessia  Here are some screenshots from the app for your reference.  If you already made the purchase and the offer was still valid at the time of purchase, you should receive your cash back. I also have my Target account linked to ibotta and usually get my cash back within 48 hours. If you wait 72 hours and still don’t receive it, you could contact ibotta’s care team. I suggest taking screenshots of the offers, just in case. Patience is a virtue🙏