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Target offers not showing redeemed

Rewards Hunter

I've been using this app regularly this month, and so far have not had any issues until today. Yesterday I added an offer for the 1.00 back on Scotch Brite Advanced Scrub Dots, but it hasn't shown up on the app as purchased or redeemed. Today I also did a few more purchases at Target in store, and the 3 offers I added still have not been redeemed. I'm a bit worried that the bonuses I was working towards will expire before this is sorted out. Any suggestions?

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Re: Target offers not showing redeemed

Deal Sharer

@ajuarez82 is your target account linked or did you submit your receipt manually? If it’s linked, it’ll take about 48hrs for it to go through. Until then, it won’t show purchased or redeemed. If you submitted receipt manually, it should show your submission is pending under “withdraw earnings”. Hope this helps.


Re: Target offers not showing redeemed

Deal Ambassador

@ajuarez82  As @D_nugget pointed out, there are delays when you link your retailer’s account to ibotta. It always helps to scan the item’s barcode if you’re in the store to make sure it qualifies. Sometimes, only certain varieties and sizes qualify.
Another thing is making sure your offers are for the right retailer, including ‘in-store’ vs. ‘online’. For example, I noticed that Nescafé instant coffee are only eligible for online purchases (but (Target Circle offer is valid for in-store purchase only).

If you have already done above, wait for 48 hours, and still no earnings, I suggest contacting the Care team. Be sure to take screenshots of the missing offers, your receipt and the pics of products showing its barcode. Submitting all of these with your ticket seem to expedite the process. 
Lastly, if your earnings are posted after the bonus period is over, they will still be accounted towards it. I had a pending online purchase that were credited days after the bonus ended but still received my bonus. It was a bit of nail-biter because the pending period was up to 30 days but it all worked out in the end. I hope it works out for you, too!