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Thanks for the Thanksgiving offer


This offer helped my family this year. Thank you for making this available. Happy Thanksgiving 2021

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Re: Thanks for the Thanksgiving offer

Skilled Saver

I am appreciative of the Thanksgiving freebies too. It is so refreshing to hear others expressing gratitude over the free offers. So many complained that they didn't get the free turkey and how unfair it was that they needed to have someone they referred sign up with Ibotta. Instead of focusing on what they were given for free, they complained about what they didn't have. I am so glad that you are happy with the freebies. They do help stretch the budget and it was nice that they were given to us. I hope you and your family have a nice Thanksgiving too. 

Re: Thanks for the Thanksgiving offer

Shopping Enthusiast

@Marethundsabre @Imani 

Thank you for posting such positive comments and sharing with us in the community. 

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Re: Thanks for the Thanksgiving offer


Yes, always thankful for freebies! Unfortunately Walmarts in my area were out of stock for many things, but that's not Ibotta's fault! Just the world we live in right now! Enjoy the freebies everyone and happy Ibottaing!