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Unable to withdrawal earnings.

Rewards Hunter

I've been unable to withdrawal any earnings for 2 days now. I've sent 3 tickets and can't get an answer. I use Ibotta earnings as a sort of savings...well, I'm unable to do anything with it now. Is there anything else I can do??? I've attached a screenshot of the message I get when trying to transfer to PayPal.

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Re: Unable to withdrawal earnings.

Deal Master

Someone posted that PayPal needs to be relinked every three months, if I remember correctly.

Try removing your PayPal account from Ibotta under Withdraw earnings and then add it back.

Instead of withdrawing to PayPal, my bank account or to a gift card, I BUY gift cards from the Home screen using my earnings. 

One, you can use the gift card right away.  Second, you earn as much as 10% back.  Plus, you earn a count towards bonuses.

Hope this helps.