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Walmart card

Rewards Hunter

I purchased a Walmart card of my ibotta account of $20.00. I went to Walmart  it would not scan. Can I be refunded this $20.00. Or send me a new text to try again? Please and thank you. 

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Re: Walmart card

Deal Master

My understanding is that gift card purchases are final.  I have purchased MANY Walmart gift cards and have never had an issue.

Double check the app to see if there may be an error for this transaction.  The Ibotta app lists every gift card you purchase.

When I use a Walmart egift card at Walmart, I go to self-checkout and use the hand scanner they have at each register.  After hitting the payment amount, you must select gift card or grocery card at the register before scanning.  Sometimes the barcode is rather small, so I widen the barcode on my phone and it always works.

If you went to a register with a cashier, you may have gotten a cashier that didn't know how to scan the bar code on your phone.  This was a real problem when Ibotta first starting offering these.  Cashiers did NOT know that the gift card is listed as a grocery card or shopping card on their register.

Walmart Customer Support should be able to tell you if the gift card is valid AND the history on the card.  If Walmart says this is not a valid gift card, then I would open a ticket with Ibotta Care to make sure their transaction completed correctly.

Good luck.