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Walmart Online $5 cash back promo

Rewards Hunter

Hi I've got a question about the Walmart $5 cash back online promo that is currently going on through Ibotta. It says that the $5 cash back can't be redeemed if your shopping cart was built prior to opening Walmart through the Ibotta app.

So here's my situation. I've already got quite things that are already added to my cart through the actual Walmart app. If I add a couple more things when I access my Walmart cart through Ibotta then check out through Ibotta will I still get the $5 cash back? Or do I have to completely start from scratch with nothing in my cart when I open  Walmart through Ibotta and then proceed to add stuff to my cart that way. Does anyone have any experience with this at all? Please get back with me asap. Thanks in advance.

Also I wanted to point out that this is the promotion that requires you to spend a minimum of $35 to get the $5 cash back.

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Re: Walmart Online $5 cash back promo

Skilled Saver

QVC has the same limitation on their online orders through Ibotta.  I have always erred on the side of caution and started with an empty cart.  But rather than search  for those items again I copy and paste the full name of the product into a word document and then paste it into the store's search bar to find them again quickly.

Not a for sure answer I know, but I would rather put in a few extra clicks than miss that nice little bonus.


Re: Walmart Online $5 cash back promo

Deal Sharer

I always 'save for later' until I'm ready to place my order. After launching Ibotta, I'll add those saved items to my cart.


Re: Walmart Online $5 cash back promo

Deal Expert