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Walmart receipt kicked back


I submitted a Walmart receipt today. I had purchase several items on this receipt. I made a special trip to Walmart just so that I could redeem several items and the receipt was initially accepted. A few minutes later the receipt came back and the message attached said that there were no purchases found on the receipt. I double check the receipt and I double checked the list and everything's seemed to be okay however I did not get credit for several purchases and the receipt was kicked back. I then went back through my history and I found that another Walmart receipt that I had submitted a few days ago was also kicked back. To be honest there were a couple of items on that receipt that I would not have purchased if it had not been for the Ibotta rebate. I'm not sure what to do, I have already submitted a ticket but several of these items have expiration dates and I am tempted to just take everything back to Walmart and get my money back since the main reason I bought most of these things was for the Ibotta rebate