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Walmart receipt

Rewards Hunter

I am trying to redeem a Walmart receipt. The barcode will not scan. When I enter the TC number a message says it is not recognized. I have tried several times with the same outcome. Can anybody help me?

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Re: Walmart receipt


It might just be a glitch; there is a new app update available. 

If the update doesn’t help the best solution I can think of is submitting a ticket with iBotta customer service. 

Hope that helps!

Re: Walmart receipt

Deal Sharer

I've had that happen before where it wouldn't scan, I closed the app restarted my phone and it worked. 

Maybe a possibility to try? 


Re: Walmart receipt

Deal Expert


Check your keying the correct TC#. Once or twice I had a receipt not key right after purchase I think because there was a delay of the transaction routing through the WM system.

Maybe try again today since the system would have had a chance to roll over the previous days business.


Re: Walmart receipt

Shopping Enthusiast


I had the same issue not too long ago. When I was about ready to throw in the towel after multiple attempts to manually enter the TC# on the last try it was accepted.  I have 2 possible resolutions for you. 

  1. keep trying to manually TC# until it is accepted
  2. if you have a Walmart pay account linked to your Ibotta account enter the TC# into your purchase history.
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