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Where do it find info on how to delete Ibotta

Rewards Hunter

I want to delete this junk app after having reached out to the help centet people at least five times and still never received any help. can someone please tell me where I go to delete this account I don't want to just remove it from my phone I won't actually delete my information off of it.

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Re: Where do it find info on how to delete Ibotta

Skilled Saver

@llbryant27 Did your 5 trouble tickets all go unanswered or did you not like the reply you received? Did all 5 erroneously show as solved when you believed the issue was still outstanding?

At any rate, I’m sorry to hear you’re no longer enjoying the app. I’ve had some frustrating times with IT bugs and the occasional lackluster Care Team agent but nothing bad enough to abandon the app.

If you’re 100% sure you’d like to deactivate your account, the steps are found in Ibotta’s help website: