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Where does the cash back go?

Rewards Hunter

When I purchase a gift card that gives cash back, can I choose a different bank account than the one I purchased the card from?

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Re: Where does the cash back go?

Core Shopper

The Cashback is part of your Ibotta earnings where you can withdraw to PayPal, bank account, or to purchase.a giftcard

Re: Where does the cash back go?

Deal Master


The cash back on buying a gift card is added to your Ibotta earnings.  You also earn a credit towards bonuses.

Please note that you don't have to use your debit card to buy a gift card.  You can use your earnings instead.  You will still earn the percentage for buying the gift card and earn a credit towards bonuses.  Each gift card has a minimum amount with a maximum from all gift cards of $250 per day.