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Withdrawing earnings

Deal Sharer

Are we unable to purchase Amazon gift cards with our earnings now?  I have always purchased Amazon gift cards; confirmation & verification code would go to my email & I would take it from there.  Do not see that option now when I try to withdraw earnings. 
When did Ibotta stop letting us do that? Or is there another way that I am unaware of?

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Re: Withdrawing earnings



It’s under the gift card option after selecting withdraw earnings with the minimum being $20.


Re: Withdrawing earnings

Ultimate Saver

I have never withdrawn my earnings to a gift card.  I use to withdraw my earnings to my PayPal account, but now I BUY gift cards.

Buying Gift Cards can be found on the Home page.  Every Gift Card you buy counts towards bonuses.  You also get a percentage back.  You can use a debit card to buy one or USE YOUR EARNINGS.  I always buy gift cards with my earnings.

Unfortunately, Ibotta does not allow you to buy Amazon gift cards.  I don't know why.  Maybe they don't get a discount on this gift card.  In my opinion, they should remove the withdrawal to a gift card option and add all the gift cards to the list we can BUY.  Maybe the percentage back is 0.0% for some, but at least it would consolidate the gift cards and, hopefully, give us credit toward bonuses on all of them.  Just my opinion.



Re: Withdrawing earnings

Rewards Hunter

I had a problem yesterday. I swear their helpdesk is as useful as **bleep** on a bull to use that idiom. I got a new phone on Wednesday. Still can't buy gift cards. Couldn't withdraw 70 bucks yesterday. Uninstalled/reinstalled the app, deleted/re-added Paypal and my payment card. Finally got withdrawal to go after the 10th attempt. 

The CS responses were:the app will be fixed without even aknowledging it's an issue and also telling me I need a balance over $20 to withdraw. I've gotten back 5k over the last 5 years. I "think" I might know how the app works.

Re: Withdrawing earnings

Super Saver


If you get a new phone, I recommend signing out of IB on the old device, uninstall the app, and reboot the old phone. Then attempt to setup IB on the new phone.


I just found this under the giftcard option under "Withdrawal earnings". Was after the "Z"s near the end of the list of options.